Tweets for 2009-04-29

  • Yup, this always happens – Aussies just get into a show (through official channels) and it gets canned. Please help #savechuck #
  • @SilkCharm Thats the @Internode plan I’m on, my only issue is with Telstra as the wholesale provider & overloaded exchange in reply to SilkCharm #
  • @wemb @calbo Note: It make take 10+ years for the “minion” to reliably do your bidding, and may only last 3-5 years… 😉 #
  • Dear Telstra, you suck. Hurry up an increase backhaul bandwidth so I can get the service I’m paying @Internode for (And used to get) #
  • @NickHodge Poop. Us mere mortals must wait for bleedin’ ages to get the RC… in reply to NickHodge #
  • @NickHodge Yeah, 6 days!! Bleedin’ ages! 😀 in reply to NickHodge #
  • Good grief, just switched to the #badoptus 3G … and it’s 6 times faster than my Telstra wholesale DSL 🙁 #

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