Tweets for 2009-05-13

  • Ahh, yes! 🙂 Goog Calendar: “You have no events scheduled today.” #
  • @danupoyner What can I say, Fitzroy is a “funny” place 😛 in reply to danupoyner #
  • @joshsharp Heh. I got asked if I used Hotdog Pro. in reply to joshsharp #
  • @sharybobbins It must be backwards day for me, I read that as Productivity is bad for my Twitter… [sigh] in reply to sharybobbins #
  • LDIF is my friend. #
  • Hmm. Wondering why we use macHomeDirNFS attribute – does OSX even recognise this? #
  • @WillHughes You heard old then 🙂 OSX joins AD just fine, but we have a custom schema extension called macHomeDirNFS that I’m wtf-ing over. in reply to WillHughes #
  • We must have used ‘dsconfigad -staticmap “dsAttrTypeStandard:NFSHomeDirectory” macHomeDirNFS’ or similar in the past… Not documented tho. #
  • @CathyE Wait, what?! You aren’t even in the country! 😀 in reply to CathyE #
  • #twitterpornnames Licker Elliot (1st pet, street I grew up on) (via @RobinInSeoul) in reply to RobinInSeoul #
  • Oh yeah, need to take a walk to deposit a cheque in a bank. Srsly, who still uses cheques?? #
  • LOL! I’m getting pinged by the junkie wife for “wool money” 🙂 #
  • @flexicar Soo shiny and pretty with her golden (door) locks! 😀 in reply to flexicar #
  • @aDB Cool, but I might get one made for me first… although that would take a lot more wool than one for @mpescein reply to aDB #

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