Tweets for 2009-05-16

  • Listening to Active Directory Domain Services 2008 R2 webcast from Microsoft Technet. #
  • @tempeste Must. Resist. Starting. WoW. At Office. Need job more than WoW… 🙂 in reply to tempeste #
  • @wemb interesting marketing technique, telling listeners off for actually listening to the entire 2+ hour show #boe24 😀 #
  • Not starting WoW in the McDonalds … I’d be too self-conscious about my lowly lvl 37 main. #
  • @gregdwyer nah, good quality chocolate 🙂 roses says “I need to be sorry for something” to MrsFroosh in reply to gregdwyer #
  • @TheWych it’s good fun to listen to, substitutes quite nicely when short on meatspace friends to hang around with or the time to do so. in reply to TheWych #
  • @catherineLd ack, can’t have that! in reply to catherineLd #
  • @meganrogers nah, bring my own wireless everywhere I go. Just in case… in reply to meganrogers #

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