Tweets for 2009-05-22

  • @NickHodge sounds great! Built-in autoresponder/bot scripting … Takes me back to IRC in the mid 90’s & mIRC in reply to NickHodge #
  • Ok, who broke it? #
  • @KarlsG Good, admitting the mistake is the first step 😛 Just don’t do it again! hehehe in reply to KarlsG #
  • Finally. Problem diagnosed. But I have no access to the (suspected) at-fault system and the responsible admin is away on industrial action. #
  • @KarlsG lol, thanks, you have resolved the tension headache that was forming 🙂 in reply to KarlsG #
  • @moldor No, cant break it, security is tight. Well, enough that it’s quicker to wait for the admin to return. Whenever. in reply to moldor #
  • @tdm911 I can only imagine the dead pauses you’d be getting from the support desk… in reply to tdm911 #

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