Tweets for 2009-05-26

  • Woohoo, registering for Tech.Ed 2009 … just so I can lol with @NickHodge and @Ceibner 🙂 #
  • Tech.Ed 2009 likely to be very expensive for me this year though – not getting paid on contract, plus fees. Adds up quick. #
  • Good news is I did purchase and register AppleCare correctly. I just need to do a test boot from the install DVD … which is still packed. #
  • @hopeinhell tease in reply to hopeinhell #
  • @aeoth Yes, but a “spendy-cash” shortage contraindicates food, just the cheap-arse movie 🙂 I would be happy to sit/talk while others eat. in reply to aeoth #
  • Am I the only one who does this? #
  • @WillHughes and yet, when ppl walk in to see someone else they ask “Is [soandso] around?” in reply to WillHughes #
  • @tempeste hello Miss Tempeste, how is the world treating you today? in reply to tempeste #
  • @KarlsG is everything ok, do you need help? in reply to KarlsG #
  • @aeoth you’ll get in trouble for cruel and unusual minion treatment. in reply to aeoth #
  • @KarlsG let me know if you need a lift, I may be heading that way myself. :/ in reply to KarlsG #
  • @aeoth maybe, we’ll see. Was referring to code ‘privileges’ 😉 in reply to aeoth #
  • @calbo just remember, drop the phone, not the baby 😛 in reply to calbo #
  • On phone with Apple Support. Of course they answer just as I take a mouthful of coffee. #
  • [sigh] Dear Apple. It’s a dead hard disk. Asking me to use the original OSX 10.4 disk will not change that. #
  • @moldor India I think in reply to moldor #
  • Located original OSX 10.4 Install disc (quicker than expected), now Apple Support take #2 #
  • @moldor 15 min call queue now 😐 in reply to moldor #
  • Heh, not really … 5 mins from Whittlesea #
  • @moldor couldnt get it there before tomorrow, so trying for the AppleCare Onsite 🙂 in reply to moldor #
  • Got a Product Specialist … and MrsFroosh will be taking it to the Apple Store tomorrow :/ Otherwise have to wait until Wed or later #
  • @moldor 320 in reply to moldor #
  • @moldor likewise, but trying to save money (for mortgage … Or Tech.Ed) and get value from already paid AppleCare 🙂 in reply to moldor #
  • Doh. Done the numbers and looks like it will cost over a months after-tax pay, so likely no Tech.Ed for me 🙁 (sorry @NickHodge @Ceibner) #
  • Heading to Doncaster Apple Store to meet with a “Genius” #
  • You stupid people. A bus lane is for … Buses! #

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