Tweets for 2009-05-30

  • I have met @xntrek, and he is me in another body! #
  • What an excellent lunch, thx @hopeinhell & @xntrek! #
  • So not interested in more work today. Would rather chat with new friends and relax. #
  • @xntrek Correct. Neither was there a matter/anti-matter interface and resulting energy release. I must therefore conclude individuality. in reply to xntrek #
  • @moldor And I have to admit it’s true, he does look better. Plus, he had a hat! in reply to moldor #
  • Ok, done for the day. Now heading to Cubs where we are having a sleep-over at the hall. Umm, why did I agree to this?! #
  • Hanging around in a Maccas waiting for the family again. I seem to do this a lot… – #
  • @Indigored_hot hmm, I think the Brightkite site is being misleading. I’m at Greensborough Plaza… in reply to Indigored_hot #
  • @Indigored_hot nah, just hanging, no one said eating! 😉 in reply to Indigored_hot #
  • Phew, cubs settling down in front of the movie and I get to have a break and a coffee. Only 12 hours to go 😉 #

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