Tweets for 2009-06-18

  • Short notice meetings. Need coffee, but no time. But the organizers had time to bring their own. #
  • This is so dull I can barely keep my eyes open. Come on, I need to get other things done! Need entertainment to stay awake… #
  • r @Headwellred: "Be kinder than necessary, for everyone you meet is fighting some kind of battle" – unknown #
  • And thankfully the meeting ends … For now. We resume after lunch. I didn't need to get anything done today, did I? #
  • Coffee! At last! Gasping. #
  • Relax, step back, let go. #nottobepracticedfromhighplaces #
  • Gahh, I can't … where is iPhone 3.0 already??!! #
  • Hmm, sun is trying to break through the fog by the looks of it. Walk time. #
  • Erk. I hate one-way trusts. #
  • @Indigored_hot hehehehe, stupid day-moon. It is weak and burns me not! 🙂 in reply to Indigored_hot #
  • Enough Active Directory support, now to meetings for most of the afternoon :/ #
  • Grr, what is this? 3rd time in 3 days … I'm at the correct location at the appointed time, yet I'm the only one here. Meeting FAIL #
  • @ptsiampas testify! Steering my group away from that is possibly my single greatest acheivement here. in reply to ptsiampas #
  • @ptsiampas appealed to their laziness. Still a close thing though. in reply to ptsiampas #
  • Fecal matter hitting the oscillating rotary atmospheric turbulence generator. Makes a meeting more interesting… #
  • Meetings done. Brains bleeding from my ears. Home time soon. yay #
  • Done. Gone. #
  • @Aussiemandias woah! in reply to Aussiemandias #
  • Mmmm, tandoori chicken cooking. So hungry! #
  • @Aussiemandias Yes, In response to your "Strange things are afoot at the Circle K" one of my favourite movie lines (well, among many) in reply to Aussiemandias #
  • @andrewsayer Aww man, that long? [pout] hehehe in reply to andrewsayer #
  • @middleclassgirl Hey, whats up? in reply to middleclassgirl #
  • Hmm, Foxtel box dead – power supply toast. Have to watch BT (True Blood, Harper's Island) #
  • @sicsicsic it's called the desert stomach 🙂 in reply to sicsicsic #

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