Tweets for 2009-06-24

  • That was a crap wasted day. And not the good wasted 🙁 migraine wipeout. In other news MrsFroosh chose today to start playing WoW. NE Druid. #
  • @Indigored_hot laid out 🙁 just getting it back together now #
  • @gepeto42 end your life? 😉 never. End AD restructures? Only the ones for cosmetic purposes. Pointless and expensive. #
  • @Indigored_hot usually only 1 day, and improving now, si should be right. She chose Caelestrasz with my ally toons at least 🙂 in reply to Indigored_hot #
  • @Kodo 😛 in reply to Kodo #
  • @meganrogers hmm, need another computer for that, but yes, yay! 🙂 in reply to meganrogers #
  • @meganrogers good point, happy accident with the Druid. I think the extra computer is already a requirement… 😉 in reply to meganrogers #
  • Self-medicating the post-migraine fuzzies with chocolate and fruit-tingles #
  • @Dianne_ – Om nom nom nom envy 🙂 #
  • MrsFroosh dings level 10. Still won't hand over the computer. Yep, we're going to need another computer now… #
  • @palegoldenrod #omgwtfbbqlol in reply to palegoldenrod #
  • @Dianne_ 3rd?? Oh I'm so disappointed in you. 😛 Hehehe, did you have fun? #
  • Righto. Vaguely normal brain activity has been restored. MrsFroosh still WoW-ing (lol, getting hit on by 15yo boys). Time for hibernation. #
  • Curious obsevation: Tweetdeck seems to be kinder to iPhone battery life than TwitterFon #

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