Tweets for 2009-07-19

  • 1st stage of Saturday Taxi duty completed. @MrsFroosh deployed in work mode. Kiddo about to deploy in ballet les… – #
  • Stage 2 of taxi duty completed. Now to be friendly tech support for a while. #
  • Friendly tech support completed. Successful too! 😀 Time for a quick coffee with @OliversMummyRed before collecting Kiddo from ballet. #
  • @carnagefairy huh? I get glbt, but iq? in reply to carnagefairy #
  • @carnagefairy interesting. What's the distiction btwn g/l & q, or t/i? Or do I just need to google? in reply to carnagefairy #
  • Had a light lunch with @Oliversmummyred and our Kiddos, now some quiet time awaiting for ballet rehearsal to start. Time for a nap? #
  • LOLing at Homeopathic A&E
    (related to @podblack's recent funnies) #
  • @mellalicious You could just live in 'sin' with her. @StevieEnglish will share wont he? 🙂 in reply to mellalicious #
  • Ooh, Kiddo is actually not needed for rehearsals this afternoon. I get to go home for a bit! 🙂 #
  • Now I'm home now, it means I need to do laundry and other cleaning … :/ #
  • @bronwen It was great to meet you at MTUB. I'll make to across to see how those 'Perth Women' do it … one day 🙂 in reply to bronwen #
  • Allrighty, all set and ready to go. Thai dinner planned in Eltham with a group of ballet parents. Looking forward to dinner. Starving! #
  • @Dianne_ hmm. Now eating my phone with your Twitpic on it. Soo hungry and that appears in my timeline… [drool] in reply to Dianne_ #
  • Dinner done, child carer returned to her home, chilling on the couch for a few. What's fun tonight? #

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