Tweets for 2009-07-20

  • @missgiggly that's an interesting but unusual movie… in reply to missgiggly #
  • Having a low-Internet day. Watching some Grand Designs. Relaxing on the couch. DM, @ or phone calls welcome. #
  • @missgiggly Like you said, Woody Allen 🙂 in reply to missgiggly #
  • @mspecht Hey, happy birthday mate. Hope the day is going well and have a good drinks night tonight. #
  • @PhillipQuin How was the Getty … did you run into @Tara_Moss while you were there? in reply to PhillipQuin #
  • Hmm, @MrsFroosh beat me to the computer and WoW. Guess I'd better do some housework 🙂 #
  • @Maab Excellent! WIN! Hows the house settling in again? in reply to Maab #
  • @DrRachie hehe, does @skepticZone do anything other than eat? Or is that just the most interesting thing? 😀 in reply to DrRachie #
  • @Maab hahaha, yes, we moved into our house nearly a year ago and have still only unpacked about half in reply to Maab #
  • Ok, enough procrastination. Off to do some house cleaning before it becomes self-aware. #
  • @crumpet That is mighty fine looking for a box of not-turkish-delight. in reply to crumpet #
  • Doom song remix, just to be different. ? #
  • @marieclr hehe, I've still barely achieved anything – how about you? in reply to marieclr #
  • Ok Twitter, I'm off to the supermarket, need anything while I'm there? #
  • Home from grocery shopping to find @MrsFroosh had created delicious noms. Woohoo! Nom nom nom. [burp] #
  • Watching Ned Kelly ep of Time Team. Not that other thing #heathen #
  • @Pink you had me at haloumi 😉 sounds delish! in reply to Pink #
  • @palegoldenrod while I'm sure it's fun, we would have been your taxi had we known. Next time, let us know, we'll give you a lift 🙂 in reply to palegoldenrod #
  • @DrRachie I've been using the Western Digital Life Book 1TB for about a year, works brilliantly and I've restored the whole machine with it. in reply to DrRachie #
  • @DrRachie Oops, WD "MyBook" retails for about $170 now in reply to DrRachie #
  • It's my life … it's not perfect, but it's mine. ? #
  • [sigh] so much more peaceful around here now that tv show nonsense is over 😛 #
  • Oh alright, just one 1998 post: I got married in 1998. Best decision I ever made. #
  • Or should that have been phrased: In 1998 I got married. Still the best decision I ever made. 🙂 #

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