Tweets for 2009-07-26

  • @palegoldenrod whut?! Hmm, do you often leaves your phones under bushes? in reply to palegoldenrod #
  • Oh hai, bit of a messy day so far. No muffins with coffee, late getting @MrsFroosh to work, and feeling rather bleh with chesty cough. #
  • @palegoldenrod heh, sounds like an interesting evening… in reply to palegoldenrod #
  • @palegoldenrod oh man, so close! I just need a hat of +musical and I'm one of those peeps! 🙂 in reply to palegoldenrod #
  • I'm liking the updated TwitterFon enough to forgive them the nasty intrusive ads. New features are nice, speed has improved, and it's purty. #
  • Kiddo ballet lesson complete. Home for #domesticdad Saturday. I might even … Nah, not going to vacuum. Will iron instead. Need the calm. #
  • Right! Enough goofing around with Twitter and Facebook. Time to make a neatness! #fb #
  • @helenrazer So crackers with peanut butter, and a cuddle from a Ceiling Cat disciple should do the trick just as well 🙂 in reply to helenrazer #
  • @Dianne_ I think the approved schedule is whenever you think "Hmm, maybe it's time to cut the cat's claws." 🙂 in reply to Dianne_ #
  • Hmm stoopid fbCal wont xfer my events to gCal any more 🙁 And what do you mean I'm supposed to be cleaning? Bah. Fine! DM and @ only. #
  • Another prosopagnosia moment: recognizing someone by their elbow from 100m, but failing to recognize them 5 mins later face-to-face. #
  • Kiddo almost done with ballet /rehearsal/ and we can be on our way to a birthday party or something 🙂 #
  • Wearing my Twitter shirt (in secret, shh!) #
  • Ahem, if I'd known we'd have guests, I'd have actually *cleaned* the house @MrsFroosh, really I would have! #
  • Had a great game of Zombies!!! with the very fun and unexpected guests: @xntrek and partner. Thanks folks, that was awesome. #
  • @candichan Oh dear, guess that rules me out 😛 lol in reply to candichan #
  • @candichan <3 you too, but I'm hardly NORMAL 😉 in reply to candichan #
  • Allrighty, time for bed for this petite canard bleu. Rest well friends. #
  • @candichan Dawww, thanks! 😀 in reply to candichan #

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