Tweets for 2009-07-31

  • Holey cheeses. #
  • @hannahrochelle Ooh, creepy 😉 Nah, all good. Working with Identity and Access team in ITS (258qs) in reply to hannahrochelle #
  • [lol!] r @Dianne_: @angryfeet I'll do some distance physio healing, only works if you believe in it, so if it doesn't work it is your fault. #
  • @SASilk jarlsberg 🙂 in reply to SASilk #
  • walkies and fude time. need to re-energise. I just spent 15 minutes wondering why I couldnt put data into Excel with PowerShell. #fail #
  • @Ashayo [system.notsupportedexception] McDonalds is not supported on this system in reply to Ashayo #
  • It's not all about me. It's not all about me. It's not all about me. It's not all about me. It's not all about me. Yes, I'm paranoid. #
  • Sometimes my big mouth … not sure if I just made my situation better or worse. We'll see I guess. #
  • @sammartino What? I have to walk half a block to get there. Pff. Red Bull's not worth that! 😀 in reply to sammartino #
  • @hannahrochelle Contract ends tomorrow. Not much worse. Might not get a renewal though. in reply to hannahrochelle #
  • @candichan – Nice! #
  • Huh, seems no bridges were harmed. Plus, I have confirmation of new contract deals on their way. Thx to folks for support, you're the best. #
  • @SilkCharm Yes, I'd love to, but sadly already have plans for the 6th … next time 🙂 in reply to SilkCharm #
  • @TheWych Good luck mate! Its a jungle out there at the moment. in reply to TheWych #
  • Automating Excel with PowerShell. Performance sucks. *Much* faster to run with VBScript, development with PowerShell was slightly quicker. #
  • @IanWoolf I always have trouble reading about narcoleps…………. in reply to IanWoolf #
  • Stalking people on FB while I wait for PowerShell to work Excel magic. I could be here a while… #
  • @freygan The problem is quantity, not frequency 🙁 in reply to freygan #
  • @suziam Do you follow @catswhocode? in reply to suziam #
  • Noooo!!! Not yet, I need a few days till my contract renews! 🙁 RT @auteched: Very very close to sell out at #auteched #
  • @palegoldenrod hmmph. No commitment 😛 in reply to palegoldenrod #

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