Tweets for 2009-08-02

  • Froosh FAIL: no headphones or car adaptor for podcast listening, no book to read, 2 hours to wait. #
  • @helenrazer excellent read as usual, but I'd have to say it's not just for hot lesbians, it will work wonders for fat old men too 🙂 in reply to helenrazer #
  • Wondering if I have time this afternoon for a visit to today's GeoHash … It's just some house in Blackburn 🙂 #
  • @helenrazer 😉 sharp as a dead lizard, that's me in reply to helenrazer #
  • @palegoldenrod XKCD's GeoHash algorithm has been codified in an iPhone app for spontaneous meetup needs. Not always close though. in reply to palegoldenrod #
  • @palegoldenrod I think the xkcd wiki has all the info. in reply to palegoldenrod #
  • @SASilk nah, listening to podcasts in "handsfree" speaker mode like a teen douche. In the car at least so as to not annoy people… in reply to SASilk #
  • @hannahrochelle Yes indeedy, aided by a handy iPhone app 🙂 in reply to hannahrochelle #
  • Hmm, too much on today for a GeoHash visit. Even at the accepted 2pm Australian winter time. #
  • @hannahrochelle likewise, but I check fairly often to see if there is one close, or if I can fit it into a planned trip in reply to hannahrochelle #
  • @atariboy Yes, hot water rises too. Same reduced density reasons. in reply to atariboy #
  • Getting *%$#!@! annoyed with iTunes repeatedly failing the 3.0.1 download and not resuming. Srsly, what downloader doesnt support resume?! #
  • @ceibner – Strange, I never saw the point of that. My Grandad did it all the time… Didnt really seem so much … #
  • iTunes, I will stab you in the eye in a moment … dont make me do it! #
  • In my limited sample size of 1, threatening to stab iTunes in the eye (or i) is quite efficacious against failed firmware downloads. #
  • Cool, Kiddo getting into Monkey Island on the Xbox 🙂 Look behind you, a three headed monkey! #
  • Right, time to clean a little and prep for some sort of incredibly boozy party at a friends place. I'll apologies now for any drunken tweets #
  • @SukieBunny I've been informed that we have no say in the matter. Fun will be had dammit! 🙂 in reply to SukieBunny #
  • Party time. Jukebox & karaoke & DDR. Noisy but fun. #
  • Difficult to find a quiet space for some phonecalls though. #
  • AudioBoo: This how we roll #
  • Home from the par-tay before it got weird. Not that weird is bad, but half the crowd seemed to think we were the caterers :/ #

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