Tweets for 2009-08-09

  • I dreamt someone spent a ridiculously large sum of money to go to Dragon*Con and took me with them. Like I said, it was a dream. #
  • AudioBoo: The sounds of Saturday #
  • @Dianne_ argh, unidentified fiery object! in reply to Dianne_ #
  • Busy day with usual Satur-taxi-day, housework, etc. Now though, some MacGyver! 😀 #
  • @Maab cheese and whiskers *ahem* whisky 😉 in reply to Maab #
  • Porridge made for the family, now to drop @MrsFroosh at a train station so she can go to work 🙁 #
  • I've been dreaming about asteroid strikes in the Pacific again. :/ ? #
  • Grr, iView is being mean to me. #

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