Tweets for 2009-08-10

  • @Extremo Untrue. Strawberry Jam, Cheese, and … peanut butter. #iwin in reply to Extremo #
  • @jodiem There is always that little niggle: What if I forgot to back something up? Also, profile settings, etc can be a pain. in reply to jodiem #
  • Right, off to be domestic dad. Some people would be horrified at the state I left the kitchen last night… #
  • Poll: do you iron with the pointy end or the blunt end of the ironing board?(I use the blunt end) #
  • @andrewbarnett hehe, I used a heat gun for that, but used to iron 1mm balsa into curves 🙂 in reply to andrewbarnett #
  • Summary so far: I'm a little weird using the blunt end predominantly, but it is best for shirts or other large areas … Like Im ironing now #
  • @Maab that would be why I've never understood or used the iron rack thing – it's on the wrong end 🙂 hangers go on a portable rail/rack here in reply to Maab #
  • The ironing in progress. (in response to @Maab) #
  • Oops, out of water. Break for coffee 🙂 #
  • @Maab err, yes, a permanent rumpus room fixture in this case 😀 in reply to Maab #
  • @rickybuchanan hmm, I need to get more non-iron shirts and things, but I enjoy ironing too much to abandon it completely… in reply to rickybuchanan #
  • @andrewbarnett turns out driving the car for a whole year is cheaper than a decent helicopter rig :/ in reply to andrewbarnett #
  • Ahhhhh, if only the wrinkles in my life were as easy to smooth out as the wrinkles in my clothes and my mind. Ironing is very therapeutic 🙂 #
  • @Gabfran No, never underwear or socks, sometime jeans if they are just too crinkled. in reply to Gabfran #
  • Enough ironing for now, time to make dutch waffles for lunch. In the shape of a penguin. 😀 #
  • Penguin shaped waffles. Is the penguin shaped waffle iron cheating?;) #
  • @Swoopy the kiddo and I LOLed at that. A lot 🙂 Then we ate them 😀 in reply to Swoopy #
  • @Swoopy goodnight, dream of waffle penguins 🙂 and enjoy the quiet cinema Sunday morning in reply to Swoopy #
  • Afternoon break time. Coffee and a game of Commanders: Attack with the kiddo. #
  • Kitteh's love Xbox 🙂 #
  • #sentimentalSunday Elvis said it best: Wise men say say only fools rush in ? #
  • Catching up on some ABC stuff with iView. Awesome service (when it's being friends with me). #
  • Hmm, I think I need to stop listening to sentimental music and go get some sleep before I say or do something unwise. Gnight folks! #

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