Tweets for 2009-08-11

  • [bah, less FAIL please!] #
  • Dear Internets, for my birthday I'd like 10-20 hrs/wk Systems/Infrastructure Engineering/Architecture work or a retainer for same. #fb #
  • @SASilk Thanks 🙂 Let me know if I can help you in any way in reply to SASilk #
  • @SASilk Hmm, the "Less FAIL" button appears to be hidden from the UI for those. I find a large stick aka "Baseball Bat" works wonders 😛 in reply to SASilk #
  • @carnagefairy And then, retainers. Glued in wires for me, a bit fiddly to clean, but easy enough to live with. in reply to carnagefairy #
  • When can I get a car with these doors pls? #
  • @MelTigger if I had one/won I would share it around if possible 🙂 in reply to MelTigger #
  • @joshnunn Based on the accidents Ive seen recently, theres little chance of getting a normal door open after its buckled. Need more info tho in reply to joshnunn #
  • @Lectric Same problems here. I used the Outlook Sync, and then synced Outlook to GCal :/ #auteched in reply to Lectric #
  • @amoir Pants are over-rated anyway 🙂 in reply to amoir #
  • Excellent. Flights and accommodations for #auteched booked. You'd have to shoot me dead to keep me away. And I'm not sure that would stop me #
  • @starsnostars You need to call someone and say "I'm on a boat!" 😀 in reply to starsnostars #
  • Note: while holding your backpack on a train platform, do not fidget and sing "Death is not the end" quietly to yourself. #
  • Now that we see the signs can we walk this line together? / Now that we know it's time can we walk this line to… ? #
  • Haha! RTM upgrade time! #
  • Oh, Win 7 RTM upgrade on hold. Evidently I only DL'd the Pro version and RC was Ultimate… Tomorrow then. #
  • @mversion Excellent thanks! Just the the Ultimate DVD image 🙂 in reply to mversion #
  • @aeoth That was true in RC I think, but the Ultimate DVD Image only Ultimate now. I could be wrong. in reply to aeoth #
  • @aeoth 🙁 no go. It seems Professional image only contains Professional. 'sorright, I'll grab the Ultimate image and go again. in reply to aeoth #

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