Tweets for 2009-08-12

  • @karlroby When booking accom for #auteched remember that just about everything is provided, "Room Only" should cut some costs. in reply to karlroby #
  • @likeomg err, so what does a cabbage mean in the symbolic language of flower presentation? :/ in reply to likeomg #
  • Who could it be? / Believe it or not it's just me. ? #
  • Fishing for owners/actual users reviews: Best sub-$200 closed circumaural headphones? #
  • @MrsFroosh -Hugs- Love you! in reply to MrsFroosh #
  • @MrsFroosh Too much PDA? 🙁 in reply to MrsFroosh #
  • @calrion Hmm, not a fan of canalphones, my ears get a bit gummy after a while (TMI?) Looking at cheaper end too: in reply to calrion #
  • @aeoth [sigh] such is wife *ahem* life 😛 in reply to aeoth #
  • @rickybuchanan Cool, thanks! Will investigate. Oh, and yay for eleventy billions of activity in reply to rickybuchanan #
  • [woohoo rollercoaster party!] RT @auteched: The networking event details have been announced for #auteched! Location: Dreamworld. #
  • @calrion Excellent, will have to find some time to chat with them. Do they Twitter? in reply to calrion #
  • @meganrogers @internode rawks. Often let down by limited connections/wholesale options (e.g. Telstra). Extra adhoc data blocks = WIN in reply to meganrogers #
  • Deciding which meeting to attend, the work-related one, or the non-work-related one. Doesn't seem like a difficult decision… 😉 #
  • Disappointed I can't upgrade one of my #win7 images to RTM because it's running on a vdisk/vhd 🙁 Where's the vdisk love? #
  • No need to walk alone / From nowhere to now here ? #
  • Off to a meeting where I will not be the strangest person in the room. Actually, that covers most MTUBs too :/ #
  • If you call within the next 10 minutes, you'll get this number 2 pencil free!* We all love to write… *delivery may cost extra. #
  • Hmm, not even @'s or DM's really permitted in this meeting. Interesting. Going dark then. L8rs. #
  • time for coffee and chats – #
  • Fun and interesting evening. Now I'M ON A BOAT *ahem* riding the tramway system to Bundoora. What's fun tonight? #
  • @hannahrochelle kids these days :/ in reply to hannahrochelle #
  • Massive props to the TramTracker system and iPhone app. Let me know I had to scarper or wait a further 20 mins to wait. Had 1 min to spare. #
  • And I'm not making much sense. I'll go back to making a fool of myself in private. #

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