Tweets for 2009-08-20

  • Grrr, seriously, does anyone have the RSAT RC Tools still available? I *really* dont have time to upgrade to RTM right now and need the RSAT #
  • Thanks @bpende for the awesomeness 🙂 Have worked-around my problem anyway. #rush #rush #rush #go #go #go 😀 #
  • @NickHodge Why sneak? Have one as the opening image! 😀 in reply to NickHodge #
  • @aeoth Would you mind uploading the shot of the board to the group as well? Great shots btw, thanks! in reply to aeoth #
  • @candichan Apart from missing you, it was excellent! 🙂 in reply to candichan #
  • @LibrarianIdol Join our group: Melbourne Board Game Night (on FB) … we may actually play Catan one day :/ in reply to LibrarianIdol #
  • @PhillipQuin Excellent, looking forward to meeting you. in reply to PhillipQuin #
  • @NickHodge Is it as cunning as a fox what used to be Professor of Cunning at Oxford University? in reply to NickHodge #
  • Hmm, received an MMS for the 1st time on the iPhone. Did you know a thumbnail appears in the notification? Good thing no1 else was looking! #
  • Uhoh. Running late 🙁 #
  • Processed: 21100 (OK: 1016, Updated: 20035, Failed: 49) Right! Home time! 😀 #
  • @aeoth pssst, MahTweets needs to do replies properly 😛 Where's the feature request page again? in reply to aeoth #
  • Hmm, got some music cards for mah birfdy. But what do I buy?? #
  • @awmitchell It's entirely possible that I already have everything from @TimMinchin, but I will check in reply to awmitchell #
  • @lectric – Huzzah! Wombats FTW! 😀 #
  • Why do people choose such awful photos as their "1st impression"? Bet mine are awful too… #
  • This is the day we came to say all of the pain has come and gone away / This is the one way dove, today we come… ? #
  • Have buyers regret over TwitterFon. It's borking repeatedly 🙁 #
  • (tweets lost in integration) Stoopid brain. Is broken. Home day. Bleh. #

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