Tweets for 2009-08-21

  • I always have such strange dreams when my brain is broken. You were there, and you, but not that other person. Didn't say it was bad 😉 #
  • Tech win: using iTunes remote to put some music on while kitteh #3 "looks after me" … By sitting on me. #
  • @OliversMummyRed nah, it broke years ago. they applied stickytape and glue at the time, but it aches at odd times 😛 in reply to OliversMummyRed #
  • Reboot complete. That's as defragged as this brain is going to get. It will have to do. Now awaiting pizza. SEND ME PIZZA! Pls? #
  • @rickybuchanan As I have neither pizza nor muesli, you've got the better deal 🙂 in reply to rickybuchanan #
  • Bah. This Internets thing is no better than prayer. I asked for pizza, did I get pizza? No. See, useless, just turn it off. 😛 #
  • Shouldn't let you torture me so sweetly / Now I can't let go of this dream / I can't breathe but I feel … Goo… ? #
  • @mpesce eyebrows? in reply to mpesce #
  • @mpesce lol, we'll be staring at your eyebrows all episode, to see if we can tell… 🙂 in reply to mpesce #
  • Bleh. Evanescence. Do want. But cant buy from iTunes with birthday gifts. says "Evanescence? wtf?" BigPondMusic similar 🙁 #
  • Evanescence – Lacrymosa. Do want. Cant seem to buy it 🙁 ? #
  • the housewife remedies don't work 😉 #
  • I'm eternally (or at least until I hunger again) thankful to @TessaFroosh for procuring pizza for dinner! #nom #nom #owwwmybrainstillhurts #
  • Whats news/fun/hot tonight? #
  • OH: ooohhh, squirrels! squirrels! squirrels! and skunks! #
  • Have to be satisfied with blipping this one, as I'm expressly forbidden from purchasing the Chess soundtrack. ? #
  • Oh, umm, good thing I couldn't buy Evanescence albums. I already have them :/ #
  • They say we can love who we trust / But what is love without lust? ? #
  • @SASilk Excellent! I prefer the 1985 concept cast 🙂 in reply to SASilk #
  • Staring at the screen is making my brain-ache worse. I think a Skype voice chat or old-timey phone call is in order… #
  • Dear friends, I need a CostCo price check on 10kg bags of … corn starch! (non-newtonian fluid fun anyone?) 😀 #
  • @rickybuchanan Cool! Plus MrsFroosh is now @TessaFroosh … just to be confusing 🙂 in reply to rickybuchanan #
  • @rickybuchanan No, too much Mythbusters and YouTube. Search for non-newtonian fluid or oobleck 😀 in reply to rickybuchanan #
  • .@moldor I'm thinking a cheap kiddy wading pool and an unused water tank at the scout hall. And 20+ kids waiting to walk on water… in reply to moldor #
  • Wish I knew what you were looking for / Might have known what you would find (via @gertrudesteinjr) ? #

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