Tweets for 2009-08-22

  • Oww. Brain still hurts. Most efficacious non-medical remedy thus far: last nights phone call. #fb #
  • @aDB @headwellred Gah! Got Cubs, so no @mtub for me… :/ Want to come to Cubs? 😀 in reply to aDB #
  • Mmm, dilemma: Twhirl posts to, TwitterFon posts only to when enabled. Current config may double-post… #
  • And here we go again. crap data in = crap data out = crap results. Why are you surprised? #
  • .@HalloranElder GIGOLO – Garbage in, garbage out, lousy outcome in reply to HalloranElder #
  • Brain completely pffttyftftnsdjsdfjksdkl-ed. Time to point myself in the direction of 20+ manic kids aka Cub Scouts. Like that will help! 😛 #
  • @DeveshM See also: my extended version: GIGOLO in reply to DeveshM #
  • I'm here now. #
  • Large quantity of orange juice consumed. Will add caffeine closer to Cubs time and hope it gets me through. #fb #
  • Other than "Black Holes and Revelations", what Muse CD's do I need to buy? #
  • Thx to friends for Muse album recommendations, evidently "Absolution" will be my 2nd purchase. 🙂 #

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