Tweets for 2009-08-26

  • Oh. Hell. No. The penalty for being home sick: daytime TV. Specifically Oprah. And I thought my head hurt before… 🙁 #
  • @kissability a bit too cannibalistic for me… Doesn't stop me wondering though 🙂 in reply to kissability #
  • @HellZiggy heh, yes I'll have extra work to catch up on tomoz. At least I do get sick pay now. in reply to HellZiggy #
  • Dear friends, whiskers or clean shaven? [note: @TessaFroosh has veto rights anyway, but I'm curious] #
  • @aDB that's actually what I like about the iPhone alarm, particulary when I leave it on silent overnight… in reply to aDB #
  • [sigh] panadeine forte really only efficacious for 30-60 mins but I can only take it every 6 hours. 🙁 #
  • @aeoth I'm just following directions right now. About to follow-up with preferred doctor for more info. in reply to aeoth #
  • @moldor had this near-migraine level headache for 9 days now 🙁 normally mersyndol does the trick though. in reply to moldor #
  • @MamaBearRed last night's doc was a waste. Seeing regular doc at 3-ish … If he's on time. in reply to MamaBearRed #
  • @HalloranElder about to see my regular doc rather than the extra I saw out-of-hours last night. Not a fan of chiro's – prefer science-based. in reply to HalloranElder #
  • Home, with instructions from the doctor to hit the drugs hard :/ plus blood tests to do after fasting, and a certificate for the rest of wk. #
  • @hlnr non-drowsy! 🙂 in reply to hlnr #
  • @TessaFroosh thems cuddlin' words! Let's cuddle! <3 in reply to TessaFroosh #
  • Ahh. Hmm. I'm being colluded against. By my wife. And I'm happy about it… #
  • @bck huzzah! Science!! 😀 in reply to bck #
  • Dear #lazyweb, BoxCar or ITweetReply (or something else?) #
  • @phillipquin looking fwd to tonights trivia related sketches. I even recognised the Lady Fleur in your drawings from last time. Excellent! #
  • @matthew858 lol, only a little bit biased perhaps? Got a handy feature/benefits comparison? 🙂 in reply to matthew858 #
  • @matthew858 cool. I have to admit suspicion for comparisons that don't criticise themselves. Eg boxcar does oauth, itweetreply does?/not? in reply to matthew858 #
  • @matthew858 Excellent reasons why not to, so list it and explain. Full disclosure ftw. Aussie made works for me too 😀 in reply to matthew858 #
  • D'oh. Wanted to dm someone but they aren't following me. Probably means what I had to say is not that important to them. #
  • @jchutchins e … mail? Oh yeah, I remember! People still use that? Huh. Might have to try it 🙂 thank you sir for continued awesomeness 😀 in reply to jchutchins #
  • listening to "Moby – Wait For Me" ? #
  • @grum I believe @BenBarren created the MTUB appellation, with @CathyE being the main meetup instigator in reply to grum #
  • @jdg no probs. I freely admit I have no idea 🙂 I had heard of oauth issues though, but not duration. in reply to jdg #

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