Tweets for 2009-08-28

  • It's plain to see, the evil inside of me is on the rise … ? #
  • A bit, err, frisky, while working from home. Damned 11-day headache makes doing anything about it painful 🙁 ? #
  • @meganrogers Err, not this one … 🙁 in reply to meganrogers #
  • Hmm, sunny (but windy) outside. I should take a walk! Haven't walked the neighbourhood recently – plenty of new houses to look at. #
  • @markhughes3000 The precipitate of course. 😀 in reply to markhughes3000 #
  • Hmph. Walk failed. Got about 150m down the street before head exploded. Too many loud beep-y earthmovers 🙁 #
  • watching Torchwood on Boxee. check it out at #
  • @Lectric torchwood running on the imac while I work from the win7 laptop 🙂 surprisingly effective and relaxing in reply to Lectric #
  • Hmm, since I'm home, I get to make dinner tonight! Red lentil, kumara, potato 'soup' sounds good! #
  • @Dianne_ – *cough* orb *cough* #
  • Doh. Blood tests all completely normal. Good news I guess, but doesn't offer any clues to cause of headache. Brain scan time perhaps? #
  • @Gertrudesteinjr No, back, neck, vision, and now blood all check out ok. Have to keep looking. in reply to Gertrudesteinjr #
  • @Gertrudesteinjr I've been suspected of those before … 15+ years ago :/ If they are back, why now I wonder? in reply to Gertrudesteinjr #
  • @raena LOL! Yes, that one! 😀 in reply to raena #
  • I've achieved a whole lot more work today that I thought possible. Capital! Now to make dinner. Unless someone would like to distract me? 🙂 #
  • @lelak Ooooh, shiny! in reply to lelak #
  • Doh, ideally I would have sone vegetable stock. But, alas, not even any cubes 🙁 #
  • Excellent! (Hopefully) Delicious dinner creation cooking away. Family due home in an hour or so. Some TV time? I think so! #
  • @Lectric no, I was working, really. Got more done than usual, even with the headache. No interruptions or distractions. in reply to Lectric #
  • The working starts now. Brain much improved overnight, but not quite ready for office time. #

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