Tweets for 2009-08-29

  • Doing surprisingly well without brainkillers today, but brain is now tired and fuzzy from over-work. Timeout for a shower and shave. #
  • Plus: What the?! Monty Python Youtube channel contains no Spanish Inquisition clips??!! Inconceivable! #
  • Yes I expected the bloody Spanish Inquisition! And I'm sorely disappointed. 🙁 Where is the rack? The pointy cushion corners? [sigh] #
  • @griffmiester Firefly FTW … I think a TG bulk order needs to be arranged. I vote you in as the organiser 😛 in reply to griffmiester #
  • Things have been ok for me, except that I'm a zombie now… ? #
  • @badmummy Huzzah for ibuprofen! 😀 in reply to badmummy #
  • bleh. that it all. #
  • I think I need to back to 1st principles. Who/what/when/where/why? Especially the why. #
  • Oh. I'm unexpectedly home alone for the next 4 hours… #
  • @aeoth heh, but I *am* the creepy Twitter stalker… in reply to aeoth #
  • Oh. A grue. #
  • wow. an old fashioned phone call. old a land line! #
  • @xntrek hmm, no sign of them so far. and the stalkers are hiding too well… in reply to xntrek #
  • @calrion shh, i'm using a cordless phone at least 😉 in reply to calrion #
  • How strange, 90 mins on the 'electric telephone', havent done that in a while! #
  • And, erk, cold coffee. Time for a fresh one. #
  • @andrewbadera hehe, not tonight, but I did use one may years ago 🙂 in reply to andrewbadera #
  • I've seen more mentions of Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs tonight than I really need. 😛 #
  • @andrewbadera old-timey one-wire-to-a-bunch-of-houses style. with an operator and actual switchboard. funky. in reply to andrewbadera #
  • Twiddling thumbs till the family returns in an hour or two… feeling better and there's housework that needs doing, should probably do that #
  • @HappySinger Hugs are always good. -{hugs}- 🙂 in reply to HappySinger #
  • @bastardsheep Haven't see any Warehouse13 yet – what's your recommendation? in reply to bastardsheep #
  • @andrewbadera about 20 years ago in rural hippy town in reply to andrewbadera #
  • @podblack @dcolanduno Aha! So that's who I can blame for the ants?! 😉 So it's not the ant-shaman's fault they wont stay away? 😛 in reply to podblack #
  • Realising my twit stream (and consciousness) will be split between Dragon*Con and #auteched which occur concurrently this year… #
  • @bastardsheep ooh, like BBT? Sold! in reply to bastardsheep #
  • Oh yeah. Dinner. Forgot about that. #

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