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  • Twitter updates

    While the twitter daily summaries have been handy (for me) to see who and what I’ve been talking about, I’m turning them off for now as I intend to start posting real entries more often and they would be lost amongst the twitter noise. The may return at some time in the future in their […]

  • Twitter: shiny hotness, or brown and sticky?

    Daniel asks: So what’s so different about Twitter? Or is it just another case of a new, shiny, evolving (but not revolutionary) thing getting all the hype? What’s different for me is that it’s IM/IRC that actually works on my aging mobile phone, or via an IM/IRC style chat, or via a light web interface. […]

  • Testing some existing RSS to Twitter tools

    I was writing an RSS to Twitter cross-poster when it occurred to me that I couldn’t be the first to try this. So now I’m trying some of the existing ones to see if they do a good enough job…

  • It’s Conquest time!

    Oh noes!  I haven’t blogged about Conquest soon enough and now I have guilt! Yes it’s Easter (insert other full-moon at spring/autumn festival of your choice) , which means that Conquest is here.  It’s too late to register on-line, so don’t bother. What you can do is read the game blurbs and turn up early […]

  • Roof Damage

    It would have to be the two hottest days this year that a visit to the rooftop became necessary… After the large dust-devil or whatever whooshed past yesterday, I went up to investigate today. Yes today, even th0ugh it’s 38C (100F) in the shade and much much hotter up on the dark-tiled roof. The damage […]

  • They tolerate me, they really really tolerate me!

    I am buzzed and a little freaked out right now. A while ago, I was playing around with Trac (the open source wiki/fault tracking/software project management tool) and felt the need to make it do something it didn’t already.  So I created my first Python “Egg” and Trac plugin called TracHtgroups (or HtgroupsPlugin).  As a […]

  • Be considerate!

    Along with incosiderate pedestrians, what gets me fuming are the twits who ride on trains and trams.  The have a sinister modus opperandi, one that makes me look like the twit when I protest their actions. So, what they do is fiendishly simple: they get on a train/tram/bus a stop or two before it becomes […]

  • WordPress 2.1 Released

    I’ve been using WordPress for a while now and it just keeps getting better and better.  I actually started blogging with Grey Matter but changed over to WordPress fairly soon after and for a while updated regularly to the bleeding-edge-sometimes-broken-but-always-better SVN versions.  Until 2.0.  When 2.0 launched, I was content to stick with it and […]

  • Wow. The end of 2006.

    It’s hard to accept the reality of the year ending. It seems to have passed so quickly; every year it seems a little quicker than the last. Remember when you were a kid? It seemed eternity between Christmas/New Year (“Holidays” now) celebrations. Ahh nostalgia, I remember you well 😉 So, what’s news around the Froosh-iverse? […]

  • Ahhhrrgghh! I’ve just bought a house!!!

    Exclamation marks…!!!!!!!!!! Ok, so maybe I’m freaking out just a little bit. We’ve been investigating buying a house for about a year, but things took a sudden and unexpected turn yesterday when we signed a land purchase contract as part of a home-and-land package.  Eeeek. The house plan is nothing special, just a bulk plan-from-a-book […]

  • How. Embarrassment.

    In one of the most unprofessional IT moves ever, my domain expired over the weekend. I am so ashamed. I rant and rail at other who do this, yet when the time comes apparently I can be just as incompetent. 😳 The story goes like this: I received 3 expiry warnings from GoDaddy and blithely […]

  • Feedback for MetLink Melbourne & Department of Infrastructure

    My regular commute requires catching bus (571), having that meet a train (Epping station), in to the CBD, and back in the evening. Now, the bus service is titled “TrainLink”. Train. Link. Far too many times (3 times this week) the bus has arrived too late to meet the train. Similarly in the evening, if […]

  • Battle of the postcodes!

    Props to Dylan who sent me this piece of semi-useless trivia: Post Code Power Discover how different postcodes live, starting with your own. Brought to you by News Limited Community Newspapers, Postcode Power shows you just how well community newspapers know different postcodes and how you can use that knowledge to target any audience more […]

  • Birthdays, Weekends, Work.

    Oh well, I guess I can only enjoy two out of three. I guess there’s nothing else to do except admit to being 33 years old. Last birthday was a fun one – I got to say I was 5 (2^5 = 32). This one, not so interesting. Just 33. Although, I’m thinking a 33.333* […]

  • Rant against the abuse of “Podcasting” popularity!

    I take exception to the mis-use of the term Podcast in the recent [redacted] issues. If only you would actually follow up the link to Google you provide and use it to define Podcast, you would find this: “Podcasting, …, is a method of publishing files to the Internet, allowing users to subscribe to a […]

  • Blog merge in progress…

    I used to have an “aside” kind of blog in a sub-site here, but haven’t really been using it recently. It was meant to be a test site for wordpress upgrades, plugins, development, etc but I’m spreading myself too thin and getting nothing effective done. I didn’t wan’t to lose the content (such as it […]

  • Awesome BOFH quote

    “Backwards compatible just means that people who are backwards can use them!” Thank you BOFH!

  • Lego Goodness … and Badness!

    My 33rd birthday is soon (well, 17 days) and family are starting to ask what I want as a gift. Last year I had suggested the unrealisticly priced Death Star. This year, I’m really liking the new LEGO Mindstorms NXT – you should watch the (slightly) hidden “Easter Egg” on the Mindstorms site (hint: Steven […]

  • More Beer

    Fedeeration Square’s Atrium will be hosting another Victorian Microbreweries Showcase tonight and tomorrow night (Wednesday 19th/Thursday 20th July 2006). There will be some 15 different Victorian microbreweries in the show, of which I have previously tasted about 5. So I’ll be there! Entry is apparently $20 for 20 tastings. Not too bad. Melbourne Based MicroBreweries […]

  • Best. Party. EVAR!

    We had a 6.5 birthday party for Seb last Saturday evening, and it was without a doubt the best kids birthday party we’ve ever been to or hosted. Utterly awesome. So whats with the 6.5 bit? Well, when Seb actually turned 6 we had just moved him between schools, it was during school holidays, and […]