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New Addiction

I’ve developed a new addiction, or perhaps merely a new obsession: Pokemon.  Specifically, Pokemon Pearl on Nintendo DS.  This is probably not news to the geeks out there, but it’s good! Mrs Froosh and the Kiddo have been playing the … Continue reading

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Melbourne, get your game on!

It’s Retrocon time! Retrocon is Melbourne’s newest games convention and it’s still smallish. This means two things: Retrocon needs you! If you’re new to gaming or interested in getting into gaming (of a Role Playing nature more than Roll Playing … Continue reading

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Exhausted … Still!

Ok, so Conquest was on over the Easter weekend and it was fantastic as usual. Of course I’ve actually only been twice now… 😆 For me, it was four intense days of gaming and helping out and even two days … Continue reading

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Easter! Means! Gaming!

Well, it does if you live in Melbourne that is! 😀 That’s because it’s time for Conquest again. w00t! We haven’t signed up for the same “Get Wrecked” plan that we did last year with Andrew – but we’ll being … Continue reading

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