Category: Site Updates

  • Twitter updates re-enabled

    I’ve started using Alex King’s fabulous Twitter Tools again.

  • CSS Naked Day

    Yes, the site looks awful.  That is the point.  Without friendly CSS written and provided to me for free by the internets, this is somewhat like it would look all the time! CSS Naked Day is a token of our appreciation to all the fantastic CSS coders out there who make the internets a prettier place for everyone. […]

  • Twitter updates

    While the twitter daily summaries have been handy (for me) to see who and what I’ve been talking about, I’m turning them off for now as I intend to start posting real entries more often and they would be lost amongst the twitter noise. The may return at some time in the future in their […]

  • WordPress 2.1 Released

    I’ve been using WordPress for a while now and it just keeps getting better and better.  I actually started blogging with Grey Matter but changed over to WordPress fairly soon after and for a while updated regularly to the bleeding-edge-sometimes-broken-but-always-better SVN versions.  Until 2.0.  When 2.0 launched, I was content to stick with it and […]

  • How. Embarrassment.

    In one of the most unprofessional IT moves ever, my domain expired over the weekend. I am so ashamed. I rant and rail at other who do this, yet when the time comes apparently I can be just as incompetent. 😳 The story goes like this: I received 3 expiry warnings from GoDaddy and blithely […]

  • Blog merge in progress…

    I used to have an “aside” kind of blog in a sub-site here, but haven’t really been using it recently. It was meant to be a test site for wordpress upgrades, plugins, development, etc but I’m spreading myself too thin and getting nothing effective done. I didn’t wan’t to lose the content (such as it […]

  • Testing new e-mail server

    Looking good. I quite like the Dovecot IMAP and POP3 servers. Easy to install (with Debian) and configure. I’m also loving the Maildir format instead of MBox – why did it take me so long to try it out?!