Category: Toys!

  • iPhone Headphones

    I’ve had an iPhone for a few months now, and am enjoying it as both the most usable phone I’ve ever owned and alsp the most enjoyable PDA I’ve ever owned. Except, that is, for the headphones.

  • New Addiction

    I’ve developed a new addiction, or perhaps merely a new obsession: Pokemon.  Specifically, Pokemon Pearl on Nintendo DS.  This is probably not news to the geeks out there, but it’s good! Mrs Froosh and the Kiddo have been playing the Diamond and Pearl versions for some time, but Mrs Froosh recently abandoned her Pearl copy […]

  • Lego Goodness … and Badness!

    My 33rd birthday is soon (well, 17 days) and family are starting to ask what I want as a gift. Last year I had suggested the unrealisticly priced Death Star. This year, I’m really liking the new LEGO Mindstorms NXT – you should watch the (slightly) hidden “Easter Egg” on the Mindstorms site (hint: Steven […]

  • X-Box Live Gamercard

    Whew – it’s been ages. This is just a quickie to turn off the piratey theme and post a link to my X-Box Live Gamertag. Feel free to add me to your friends list – preferably with an audio note mentioning who you are and how you know me. 😀 I’m really only playing Halo […]

  • I just drooled a little…

    [via Jake] Co-incidentally, my birthday is on the 18th and you can pre-order it starting on the 18th. It’s fate. So, who wants to buy me a shiny noo birthday present? 😀 At nearly AU$570, there is no way I can even pretend to justify the purchase. 😥 Maybe in another lifetime.

  • Desktop Trebuchet – on the cheap

    How to make a desktop trebuchet from popsicle sticks Gotta MAKE me one of these! 😀

  • Lego Goodness

    I’ve been re-discovering the joys and delights of Lego for a while now, thanks (mostly) to my son and his natural inclination towards creative and imaginitive play. I don’t think people really give Lego enough credit for stimulating and encouraging children. Sure, everyone recognises the link with engineering but often don’t consider the versatility and […]

  • Remember 20 questions?

    Now play it on-line on an adaptive neural net! []

  • Playstation2 Network Adapter

    In a fit of impulsiveness, I purchased the PS2 Network kit a week ago. I really wanted to get an X-Box, but the store was out and I wanted to splurge NOW rather than drive to another store… One line impression: Good, Bad, Fair, Excellent, Excellent! Good: Easy to install, no tools required, my 4 […]

  • Gotta get me one of these!

    I want one! What would I do with it? Who really cares… 😀 😀