My very first real python code, written from scratch by me! I have submitted patches and other very minor snippets to other projects before (namely BitTornardo and Juice Receiver), but I’ve never started something myself.

So, now for my first Trac plugin and Python egg: TracHtgroups

It allows the group file you would use with Apache’s AuthGroupFile or AuthDigestGroupFile directive to be used as a group membership information provider within Trac’s permission system.

[updated 17-Feb-2007: Changed link to Trac Hacks site.  Plus it now supports Trac 0.11 !! 😀 ]

[updated 5-Feb-2017: Yeah, Trac Hacks removed it from their repo because it was so old and unsupported. It solved my problem when I needed it, and helped a few other people, excellent! Wow, over 11 years ago…]

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