Late Night, Phone Day

Between network issues with our primary WAN carrier, totally bizarre routing issues on our WAN, and setting up this blog I’ve spent the last 20 out of 24 hours in front of a PC.

About the only good things are:

1. It’s not my fault
2. I’m working from home today (And spending all of it on the phone…)

And look, we even have the coffee mug merchadise for the outage! @ Jase’s CafePress Store

Turns out that the WAN/carrier issue is really serious and the carrier has flown Cisco staff over from the US to assist.

[Update: Cisco is apparently back-porting patches to the carrier’s current version of IOS. The carrier can’t/won’t upgrade the IOS on all it’s routers to a newer verion that will fix the issue, and I don’t really blame them … I recall several major Australian AARNET backbone outages in the early ’90s caused by faulty IOS versions & upgrades.]

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