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  • OpenPGP Key Transition

    —–BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE—– Hash: SHA512 Date: 6 November 2020 OpenPGP Key Transition Statement for Robin Frousheger I have created a new OpenPGP key and will be transitioning away from my old key. The old key has not been compromised but has been set to expire soon. All future correspondence should be encrypted to the […]

  • Time passes … more time passes …

    Fast-forward another 4 years and we find the plucky Froosh family in a slightly different part of Greensborough, debt free, renting a nearly-new house in a great leafy setting. The time hasn’t been without its trials, two of the family members experiencing severe depression and (thankfully) receiving treatment before any serious, permanent damage was done. […]

  • Nearly 3 years…

    Hmm, so it’s been nearly 3 years since I posted here. Can I get away with this: Stuff. It happened. Perhaps not. In short, thanks to a great deal of financial support and trust from my parents we were able to sort out the house, sell it, and clear most of our debts along with […]

  • Filter CFA incidents by region

    With all the focus on bushfires in Victoria and the close proximity to my house of some of those fires, I’ve been checking the Country Fire Authority (CFA) website to see what is going on in the area. The CFA are kind enough to provide a RSS feed of all incidents, but I don’t really […]

  • Taxi drivers vs Melbourne

    This is not so much a comment about the safety of the drivers, but taxi drivers in general.  Inspired by a post over on Melbourne Metblogs. Taxi drivers, I believe, are professional drivers.  Professionals in that they get paid to drive you from one location to another location of your choosing.  Lets break that down […]

  • How to flub a job interview

    As many of my Twitter followers will know, I interviewed for a job on Monday afternoon and was very excited about the opportunity. I was not chosen to progress to the next round of interviewing and I’m somewhat crushed by that. The painful part is the reason I was given for the rejection.

  • It’s Conquest time!

    Oh noes!  I haven’t blogged about Conquest soon enough and now I have guilt! Yes it’s Easter (insert other full-moon at spring/autumn festival of your choice) , which means that Conquest is here.  It’s too late to register on-line, so don’t bother. What you can do is read the game blurbs and turn up early […]

  • Wow. The end of 2006.

    It’s hard to accept the reality of the year ending. It seems to have passed so quickly; every year it seems a little quicker than the last. Remember when you were a kid? It seemed eternity between Christmas/New Year (“Holidays” now) celebrations. Ahh nostalgia, I remember you well 😉 So, what’s news around the Froosh-iverse? […]

  • Feedback for MetLink Melbourne & Department of Infrastructure

    My regular commute requires catching bus (571), having that meet a train (Epping station), in to the CBD, and back in the evening. Now, the bus service is titled “TrainLink”. Train. Link. Far too many times (3 times this week) the bus has arrived too late to meet the train. Similarly in the evening, if […]

  • Birthdays, Weekends, Work.

    Oh well, I guess I can only enjoy two out of three. I guess there’s nothing else to do except admit to being 33 years old. Last birthday was a fun one – I got to say I was 5 (2^5 = 32). This one, not so interesting. Just 33. Although, I’m thinking a 33.333* […]

  • Rant against the abuse of “Podcasting” popularity!

    I take exception to the mis-use of the term Podcast in the recent [redacted] issues. If only you would actually follow up the link to Google you provide and use it to define Podcast, you would find this: “Podcasting, …, is a method of publishing files to the Internet, allowing users to subscribe to a […]

  • Awesome BOFH quote

    “Backwards compatible just means that people who are backwards can use them!” Thank you BOFH!

  • Lego Goodness … and Badness!

    My 33rd birthday is soon (well, 17 days) and family are starting to ask what I want as a gift. Last year I had suggested the unrealisticly priced Death Star. This year, I’m really liking the new LEGO Mindstorms NXT – you should watch the (slightly) hidden “Easter Egg” on the Mindstorms site (hint: Steven […]

  • Best. Party. EVAR!

    We had a 6.5 birthday party for Seb last Saturday evening, and it was without a doubt the best kids birthday party we’ve ever been to or hosted. Utterly awesome. So whats with the 6.5 bit? Well, when Seb actually turned 6 we had just moved him between schools, it was during school holidays, and […]

  • Sent to Connex’s Customer support

    I will not be recommending the SMS alerts service to anyone, and will likely unsubcribe from it due to it’s extremely poor performance. I get nuisance notices early in the morning about how a service was cancelled and then not cancelled. I get notices about how the 6:25am from Epping will not run, but don’t […]

  • Huh? SPAM?

    Granted I’m not a high-profile site and I certainly don’t get a lot of traffic, but I get no spam. And I don’t resort to what John Dvorak used to tell us to do: Drop everything that isn’t from a known good address. I had three problems with that concept: What about e-mails from old […]

  • General comments now available again

    I had left comments set to require you to be registered and logged in to comment – not that good for encouraging feedback! 😳 I turned it on when I installed the OpenID plugin for authenticating comments and forgot to turn it off.  Why did I install the OpenID plugin?  So I could comment on […]

  • Stop the Administrator insanity!!!

    Bloody hell! 😡 Why do so many things needlessly require administrator privileges??? The latest culprit: Apple iTunes on Windows Ok, so I bought Kim an iPod Nano for her birthday – she’s only been begging for one for about 3 years… I installed iTunes on our PC using a dedicated Administrator account then logged back […]

  • It’s disturbing how much fun this is.

    It’s an odd choice … but my first post after a long hiatus is this: Try this out – it’s fun in a disturbing way. More posts to follow, probably with better content – but I’m not promising anything… 😀 Oh, and thanks to Anthony for the link!

  • – Better than I had expected

    I’ve been holding off watching any of Kevin Rose’s Systm – mainly because he’s a dork 😛 However … I was pleasantly surprised! I watched their MythTV episode, and while their hands were hyperactive, it was totally watchable. The coolest thing about their show, that will probably bring me back every time, has to be […]