Nearly 3 years…

Hmm, so it’s been nearly 3 years since I posted here. Can I get away with this:

Stuff. It happened.

Perhaps not.

In short, thanks to a great deal of financial support and trust from my parents we were able to sort out the house, sell it, and clear most of our debts along with it. We didn’t make as much profit as we’d hoped, but we did offload it at just about the right time. If it has gone on much longer we’d have lost about 5-10k per month in falling house prices.

Due again to finances, we didn’t make the move in close to the city as planned but have made it a few steps closer, to Greensborough.

This means easy access to close shops, public transport, and other facilities such as the pool and gym. The monster-sized kiddo is going to a great high school and has more friends and close acquaintances than I had dreamed of at that age. Importantly, we live close enough that ‘can I go to [x] place?’ and ‘can [x] come over?’ are simple questions with easy, achievable answers. 😀

It’s not quite ‘happily ever after’ … but it is pretty close.

We still have a (relatively tiny) debt but should be clear of that in the next 12-18 months, after which I intend to remain free of all debt and encumbrance. We may never purchase another house, and that’s ok. We can rent anywhere/anywhen we like.

Things are feeling more settled, maybe even normal