Time passes … more time passes …

Fast-forward another 4 years and we find the plucky Froosh family in a slightly different part of Greensborough, debt free, renting a nearly-new house in a great leafy setting.

The time hasn’t been without its trials, two of the family members experiencing severe depression and (thankfully) receiving treatment before any serious, permanent damage was done.

I think ‘normal’ was perhaps a lofty goal, but ‘stable’ is more achievable 😀

As I’m one of the depression-affected humans, I’m glad to say that things are looking up: meds appear to be working as designed and with very little in the way of side effects. I may even blog more. Looking back, I’m beginning to suspect I’ve been seriously depressed for over 2 years, and mild-to-moderately depressed for perhaps 5 years or more. I’ve been thinking clearer and more consistently than I remember doing so for a loooong time.