Category: State Of Mind

  • Time passes … more time passes …

    Fast-forward another 4 years and we find the plucky Froosh family in a slightly different part of Greensborough, debt free, renting a nearly-new house in a great leafy setting. The time hasn’t been without its trials, two of the family members experiencing severe depression and (thankfully) receiving treatment before any serious, permanent damage was done. […]

  • The Plan

    I need to move house, but I dont know how to get there…

  • Tranquility?

    On the odd occaisions recently, I have experienced moments of “Peace and Tranquility”. Reflecting on those events now, I can barely remember what it felt like … It happens so rarely these days. I can’t even identify why, or how, I reached these states but I want more. Five to ten seconds 3 times in […]