Site Design updated…

I wasn’t too keen on the default design of the blog, so a quick 5 minute search located this nifty template by linear

Other than that, it’s been a perfectly snoozy, lazy Sunday … Seb’s has gone to his Nan’s and we had mashed spuds for lunch. Decadent and far to much carbs, but v.tasty!

Of course, I’m procrastinating … Setting up a blog means I have just added a bunch more items to my To-Do list:

  • Update the design to include a right-side panel with all the usual who/what/when/where/why/how stuff that appears on most blogs (Got a panel, it’s just crap)
  • Fix/Update the templates I’m using to be 100% XHTML and CSS valid – I know, I’m a pedant but I figure what good is having a standard and not using it? ALso, it’s been a while since I did any web design and I need to teach myself current (X)HTML and CSS techniques. (Search pages and calendar still are not 100% pure)
  • Create an XML file for RSS readers to slurp from.
  • Fix the comment preview code that came with the templates – if you preview your comment before posting, it buggers up your e-mail address, but if you post with no preview it works just fine.
  • Fit in a field and auto-link for ISBN/ISSN numbers. I’m much more likely to update current reading references if all I have to do is enter the ISBN/ISSN and have a review auto-magically linked in 😀 If I can also wangle it, I’d love it to refer to an Australian bookstore that might credit me for referrals 😉
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