Mondo! (It’s an improvement on feeling sick with frustration…)

A long time friend of mine made a special call from Coffs to point my TV at Mondo Thingo … and it certainly brightened my day! ๐Ÿ˜€

On a different, but positive note, the car came back from the repairers today.

History: Kim rear-ended someone on April 1st (not even slightly funny :|). They took ages to contact us with quotes and the remaining details we needed to lodge our insurance claim and so we only got started on it last week (Thursday, the day this started come to think of it … maybe it’s one of those “nexus” days??).

The repairer called straight away, Kim took the car in for a quote ASAP, the insurer called to say the quote was fine and work could commence immediately – and all before I got to work! It took slightly longer than that to get the minor damage repaired (Dropped it in on Tues, finished by last night), but that was super easy too. Paid the repairer our excess and it’s all over and done with. Apparently, the other car has had $2000+ work quoted – Since ours cost under $1000, I don’t see how that could be, so I’m assuming the other folks were trying to swindle us. Not my problem now though, the insurer can fight that battle ๐Ÿ™‚

Which insurer? Well after this easy and painless event, I would have to recommend RACV … but it could be a one-off. I don’t really want Kim to try it again though!

The whole feeling sick thing is work related of course … there is too much to do, and too few people. This is nothing new, but I have the awful feeling that it’s all somehow going to be my fault.

Kim naturally tells me I’m being paranoid, and that the world doesn’t revolve around me… Nah ๐Ÿ˜‰

I’m looking for a sound bite, well two really: Homer saying “Oh! There’s so much I don’t know about astro-physics” and the episode where Homer screams for about 5 minutes straight…

The first bite sums up how I feel about network/server security, and the second is how I’ve been feeling inside for the last week or two (Mondo Thingo definitely helped tho – Thanks Andrew!)