We had a ball!

No really, it was excellent.

What was? The fund raising ball for Seb’s school of course.

For me, this was a big deal as I’ve never really been to a formal function in my life. I spent my later high school years in a rural NSW town and the graduating “formal” was at the local RSL with many people (including me) turning up in rather less than black tie.

Even our wedding wasn’t this formal. Sure I wore a suit and tie, but it was at the Melbourne Zoo.

This one was the real deal, 3 piece suit for me and a lovely ball gown for Kim hob-nobbing with the social elite of the school 8) – I don’t think we offended too many…

Kim’s gown was strapless, and superbly exposed her … tatoo of PePe Le Pew on the back of her right shoulder. Nobody made any comments, but there were a few strange looks.

I probably looked a bit “Fat Controller” but thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

We had dinner, danced, and was hopelessly outclassed in the fund-raising auction. There were various donated items up for grabs: holidays, phones, a square of MCC carpet, a cricket bat signed by Sachin Tendulkar, and a bright yellow Honda scooter. The highlight of the auction for me had to be: The $300 voucher for dinner at Jacques Reymond that sold for $320 …

To what end are the raised funds going? The ball is run by the schools Parent’s Association and funds are used to improve school equipment and services in a manner decided by the parents rather than regular school administration. As an example, the PA chose to purchase a mini-trampoline for the Early Learning Center – and Seb benefits directly 3 days a week 😀

Overall, a positive experience and one I wouldn’t hesitate to have again.