The wonders of search engines

Search engines do many wonderful thing for us every day, and we take so many of them for granted…

Today, for example, the mighty Inktomi taught me the folly of not excluding /cgi-bin/ in my robots.txt and thus several erroneous karma and comment postings ensued.

On a more positive note, I was indexed by Inktomi today! 😀 (Google has been over my sites several times now without serious event)

In other news, I have a few quick updates:

Tools: Firefox is out as my default browser, and I’ve returned to the more familiar Internet Explorer. Love tabbed browsing in Firefox, but in the end too many sites aren’t rendered well by Firefox. In many cases it’s the fault of the site design and code and not the fault of Firefox, but I experienced serious trouble trying to get this site to render consistently on IE and Firefox… Too much trouble right now – I’ll try again at v0.9. Thunderbird stays though! It has been pooping on Outlook Express in the reliability, speed, and security stakes.

I’m in a restless mood, and change is in the air. Currently a “right-sizing” of the study is in progress (This is being edited from the floor), a “restructuring” of the lounge/dining rooms is in late planning stages and the garage is in for a good, old fashioned downsizing! (Next weekend perhaps)

Photos to follow … If I can locate the camera in all this …