R.I.P. Chookies

Alas and Woe, our chooks are no more… 😥

In a list of unfortunate circumstances, our dog killed our chooks on Tuesday. We don’t believe he actually intended them to become dead, and he didn’t make any attempt to eat them once they were, but they’re still dead. Kim was quite distraught – chooks are one of her most favourite pets and the first pets she remembers having as a child. For the rest of you, just imagine your cute fluffy kitty, small puppy, or teddy bear had been torn apart and strewn across the back yard. And it’s the first thing you see when you go outside in the morning. Nuff said.

On a different topic – What is it with “The Sopranos”? What is so alluring about swearing, violence, drugs, etc that compels otherwise pleasant people to watch it and rave about it the next day. If I want to see that kind of low-life scum, I’ll sit on one of the benches outside work – and probably make plenty of money “looking after” some small packages for them!