Band in a Bubble

I couldn’t resist. I went to see Regurgitator appearing live as the “Band in a bubble”.

And I’m still not sure what to think of it.

At face value, it’s a cheap tawdry marketing stunt for both the ‘Gurg and for ChannelV and the Digital Cable “pushers”.

On the other hand, I have found it interesting seeing how dull it can be actually producing an album. And how dull staring at several rather ordinary specimens of the human male species ‘locked’ in a glass building together can be.

“Big Brother” it aint – but that’s a positive point for it. 😀

On the whole, I think I like it.

I have the feeling that the Digital Cable folks are a bit confused and lost with their new technology. They have the means to capture and manage live data 24/7 and insert it into an easily created temporary channel. But they don’t really know why they want to be able to do that. I think “Band in a Bubble” is the first of many such stunts we will see until they (and probably us) understand what it can really be used for.

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