Short Bytes

I’ve been using Firefox for a while, and am finding things almost daily that I love about it. Todays major feature is cross-platform usability … Using Firefox on Linux is identical to the Windows version I use everyday. Keyboard shortcuts, extensions (Sage & Adblock mainly), tabbed browsing options, Live Bookmarks, preferences – everything works the same and is in the same place. This might sound silly to some, but after try to remotely provide assistance to staff attempting to use Internet Explorer on a Mac when only knowing what Internet Explorer on a Windows box – I couldn’t even guide them through basic operations, let alone working out where to set a proxy server.

Hopping in a taxi the other morning, I saw one of these – an LCD in the back of the front passenger headrest (American readers don’t be confused – we drive on the left side of the road remember ;)) providing ‘live’ advertising. I was too distracted by the surreal downpour occurring outside the cab to really play with it much, but it was interesting to see and probably provides ample excuse to not talk to the driver – or plenty to talk about if so inclined. 😀

Much as I want to, I just don’t have the mental capacity to continue my rant about domestic water usage vs industrial/commercial/agricultural usage. Ok, well maybe just a little bit … Our latest water bill included a note to inform us of the change to a sliding scale for water usage charges – the more you use, the more it costs. The aim is to encourage us to use less water. It’s a little galling to receive so soon after reading the earlier article.