Can Scoble truly be a geek, or is he faking it?

If someone claiming to be a geek is completely unaware of one of the greatest Sci-Fi writers of his time, can he truly be a geek?

Robert Scoble calls himself a geek, but has just outed himself in the worst possible way: He did not know who Greg Bear is!

I’m still unsure how that influences my view of Robert – ultimately, probably not that much at all…

Hopefully he has heard of some of my other favourite greats, otherwise I might have to re-write this post (And my opinion):

* E. E. “Doc” Smith
* Isaac Asimov
* Larry Niven
* Robert A. Heinlein
* L. Ron Hubbard
* Poul Anderson
* Orson Scott Card
* Arthur C. Clarke

… to name a few.

And these guys don’t quite fit into the previous class, but they’re close! 😀

* William Gibson
* Stephen Baxter