“Rance” ID?

I’ve been vaguely following the Rance blog mythology for a short while, but for some reason I’ve become addicted. And I’ve previously been sceptical of friends, colleagues, and other bloggers for doing just the same … bloody hypocrital bastard! 😉


I’m liking the Museum of Hoaxes theory about Keith Thomson after today’s Whale-Killing Journal entry … but then again, that’s probably the desired effect (The April 1st publishing date makes it rather suspect I think).

From Amazon.com

About the Author
Keith Thomson wrote and directed the short film, Cupidity, which won the Napor Award. He has since written feature films for Tri-Star, Paramount and Disney. This is his first novel. He lives in Palo Alto, California.

Update: For those interested in starting from the beginning: http://captainhoof.tripod.com/blog/index.blog?from=20031229