Purely Co-Incidental

Ok, so probably not 100% co-incidence, but certainly more than I’d intended …

There have been a few occaisions where I have chosen not to blog because my primary motivation has been guilt, but mainly I’ve just been busy and feeling too weary to bother about blogging.

Quick update: Everyone is fine, healthy and happy. 😀

Recent acheivements: Convincing Kim’s Grandmother (“Nanny”) to buy a Mac Mini for her foray into modern PC ownership. So, maybe it was motivated by me wanting quick access to one, but mainly so I wouldn’t have to support the usual “My PC has been attacked by viruses/trojans/etc” issues that I get from the rest of my “client base”.

In the near furture: A rant on the downfall of society.

For the nearly 10 regular visitors each month: Updates will be more forth-coming… 😉