I [heart] Skype

Skype. It’s closed. It’s proprietary. Yet it still manages to be cool…

I only use Skype occasionally and haven’t yet paid for any additional Skype services – I’m just not sure I’d make much use for it. Not to worry though, Skype have recently revealed that they will be releasing packets of free SkypeOut time to users. The only catch is that you have to check your Skype account page regularly to find the parcel of free time when it appears (on selected days, yet to be announced). From the details, it appears you may collect 10 minutes of free time on each “Free Skype Day”.

I’ll give it a go, and try out the Skype-to-landline service – if nothing else, to talk to my Brother in London. If it’s satisfactory I will consider getting a London based SkypeIn number to make it easier and cheaper for him to call me.

I’d be interested to hear (literally if you like :wink:) about other people’s experiences with SkypeOut, or SkypeIn.

Update: Today is the first Free SkypeOut Day – Go to your Accounts page to get 10 minutes of free SkypeOut time