So, I went to the meet-up – and it was good!

Apparently I didn’t shut up about pod-catching… 😳

Tejas, I’ve dumped all my podcast feeds into a Podcast category list in my sidebar.

For general IT related feeds, IT Conversations has to be my favourite, with the Chris Pirillo Show in a close second. These are usually not podcasts in the ‘traditional’ sense – they’re more often recordings of various IT forums and conferences and offer the chance to hear some amazing speakers that I would never normally have a chance to hear.

One thing I’ve just noticed is that WordPress‘ support for OPML is a bit skinny … Importing links from OPML required a bit of massaging afterwards, and I can’t seem to find a way to publish my link categories as an OPML feed (or even export them to an OPML file to manually upload). Might have to work on that when I have some spare time. (ha!)

It was an interesting night. I enjoyed it, and most others appeared to as well – I’ll be waiting for the next one.

For better or worse, there are photos (Thanks, Matt! You make us all look great! :grin:).


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