Bing me!

There are a large and growing number of Instant Messaging systems out there and just as many ways to ask someone to contact you. Given that I normally only have 1 or 2 methods in common with a particular individual, it’s redundant to ask them to Skype/MSN/GoogleTalk/Jabber/Gizmo/Yahoo/ICQ/etc me. And so, I’m throwing my vote to Tristan‘s proposed usage of the word bing:


Synonymous with “instant message”.

verb: “Bing me!”
noun: “I got a bing from Dennis…”

I find the onomatopoeia of it elegant, and genericly non-technical for all those poor stiffs who can’t even open milk cartons (Honestly, is “Open other side” that confusing?!).

In conclusion: If you see me online, bing me! 😉