Category: Memes

  • Stupid stuff

    I occasionally post stupid things to my Stuff section to see track what seemed fun at the time and I’ve noticed something:  They are all at least as accurate as the daily astrological rubbish in your paper/magazine/website of choice.  I know, it’s not really that profound… They are fun though, just don’t run your life…

  • Battle of the postcodes!

    Props to Dylan who sent me this piece of semi-useless trivia: Post Code Power Discover how different postcodes live, starting with your own. Brought to you by News Limited Community Newspapers, Postcode Power shows you just how well community newspapers know different postcodes and how you can use that knowledge to target any audience more…

  • My Nerd Score

    Oops, it didn’t occur to me that I would score this high… 😳 [via Xbox Live’s TriXie]

  • Bing me!

    There are a large and growing number of Instant Messaging systems out there and just as many ways to ask someone to contact you. Given that I normally only have 1 or 2 methods in common with a particular individual, it’s redundant to ask them to Skype/MSN/GoogleTalk/Jabber/Gizmo/Yahoo/ICQ/etc me. And so, I’m throwing my vote to…

  • Diverting Procrastination

    Not so much diverting procrastination itself, but more of the diverting into procrastination… 😕 Tonights form: Another silly “What am I?” meme … now, don’t be offended – I’ve just filled it out myself 😆 I am Jetpac Man I love the outdoors; the sense of freedom, of adventure. I love the sensation of free-fall,…

  • Which File Extension Are You?

    Which File Extension Are You? (via Geek Rant)

  • #2 – The Fridge in it’s natural camouflage

    … and I think I’m only responsible for two of the “camouflage” items … My plan appears to be: release Meme content slower than Daniel and maybe I’ll catch up? Hmm. I’m not game to expose the surrounding area 😀

  • I think I like Meme’s

    Memes are not new, but participating in them is new … for me at least. Apparently it’s something an “average Australian” does these days. 😀 I’m a bit behind, but I’ll start with the desk – since I’m sitting at it. I’ll get to the rest sometime soon… If nothing else, meme’s can give you…