Blog merge in progress…

I used to have an “aside” kind of blog in a sub-site here, but haven’t really been using it recently. It was meant to be a test site for wordpress upgrades, plugins, development, etc but I’m spreading myself too thin and getting nothing effective done. I didn’t wan’t to lose the content (such as it was) and I like the idea of never breaking a link once established. I know I have broken some links, but the bulk of the content has been imported and most of the links are still working.

For the 1 or 2 people who were subscribed to the sub-feed, it’s now being redirected to the main feed and you’ll probably see everything twice.

So, what did I use to do it? Well, since WordPress does not include an “Import from WordPress” option I had to dodgy it up by exporting the sub-blog into MovableType format and importing that. Thanks to the WPExport plugin (needs minor edits – read the comments at the source site) it was a trivial task. The MT importer auto-creates the required categories and can auto-create authors or translate them to pre-existing authors on your WordPress blog. Very tidy.

Update: To be specific, I did this to make the plugin work for me (I’m using WordPress 2.0.4):

  • Removed ‘SQL’ and ‘blogger’ from the $filetypes definition at the start of WPExport_plugin.php
  • Renamed 2 instances of user_nickname to user_nicename in MT.php