WordPress 2.1 Released

I’ve been using WordPress for a while now and it just keeps getting better and better.  I actually started blogging with Grey Matter but changed over to WordPress fairly soon after and for a while updated regularly to the bleeding-edge-sometimes-broken-but-always-better SVN versions.  Until 2.0.  When 2.0 launched, I was content to stick with it and only bothered with the security updates along the way.  I haven’t even really neem paying attention to the development of 2.1.

The great news is, 2.1 has been released!  And what’s more the upgrade took less than 15 seconds (including the package download time)!

Absolutely awesome.  Complete kudos to the WP team!

And remember folks, if you want something from WordPress that it’s not currently doing, ask for it and vote on other people’s ideas!