Be considerate!

Along with incosiderate pedestrians, what gets me fuming are the twits who ride on trains and trams.  The have a sinister modus opperandi, one that makes me look like the twit when I protest their actions.

So, what they do is fiendishly simple: they get on a train/tram/bus a stop or two before it becomes crammed full and sit down.  “Easy!”, you say, “Settle down.  What could be wrong with that?”  Exactly!

It’s when these passengers need to exit the train that I get really annoyed…  For some absurd reason, they have chosen to sit down, remain seated as the train filled, loaf on their posterior as the train pulls up to their stop, and then act surprised and outraged that they can’t get to the door and off the train due to the congestion in the aisles and doorways.  Of course, “their stop” is normally only 2-5 stops after the train has filled to over-flowing, and this happens day after day.

Apparently, stating this to the passengers as they’re elbowing their way out of the train makes me “rude”.  As in “How rude!”

Just think about how long you’ll be on the train/bus/tram before you sit down and there’ll be no need for me to be rude to you!